The Brooklyn Theatre Fire

Image of The Brooklyn Theatre Fire


1. Omega
2. Assassins
3. A Certain Emergency
4. I Drink Like A Criminal
5. Standing 8

It's a soundtrack record. A truth based play & a relic/monument to what was the 1st great tragedy of the place we so proudly call our home, BROOKLYN.

It was written with congruous intention to the following facts:

On the night of December 5, 1876, over 300 people (including some of the actors) who had come to see the popular actress Kate Claxton in "The Two Orphans" died in a fire that engulfed the Brooklyn Theatre.

The L-shaped theatre built in 1871, occupied a large portion of the Johnson Street block front. Started by a kerosene lamp, that swept up the ceiling and turned the auditorium into an inferno. The theatre had no fire escapes and only 5 narrow exits.

Finally, someone shouted "FIRE”!!