Exile Baby

Image of Exile Baby


01. Shiner no.1
02. The Natural
03. Rx
04. DryDive
05. An Obstacle
06. I Don't Wanna Be Yr Boyfriend
07. Hope Dies Last
08. The Desperate Acts
09. Still/Life
10. Shiner no.2

Drawering on drawerings and focusing on focus, Brooklyn based experimental 2 piece Cinema Cinema present a new direction in sound with their 1st full length LP, EXILE BABY, their 2nd release of 2008.

Treating the studio as a camera, they capture moving still pictures of their growth on this record. Epic highs, cold iron lows and cinematic musical movements. driven and pounding drums ring like cannon's. chaotic splintered guitars chime with purpose. Vocals cry with the urgency of a dying man.

Sit down and hear the cry of the Exile Baby, a story about the end of the world as we know it and the birth of the next.